Frequently Asked Questions

What is dragdrop.site?
Dragdrop.site is a global CDN to host your web projects with ease.

How do I push my project to dragdrop.site?
It is very easy. “Drag” and “Drop” your files to dragdrop.site landing page and your web project is served on our CDN automatically. You can use the url generated at the top right corner to access the site.

What is the cold boot time for my project?
The first request for loading the site is under 100ms. Subsequent requests to the site are cached and are instant.

How redundant is our CDN?
We have partnered with multiple cloud providers (50+ data centers) across the globe to ensure fastest load times for your sites.

How do I provide dragdrop.site with environment variables?
You can “Drag” and “Drop” a ‘.env’ file on the landing page of dragdrop.site with key-value pairs of your variables.

Does dragdrop.site offer custom domains?
Yes. Just verify the ownership of your domain and have it linked to your site.

What is NoOps?
NoOps is a concept where the entire deployment process is automated to an extent where you can just upload the code for your project and it is automatically deployed to our global CDN with fault tolerance.

How secure is my project deployed on dragdrop.site?
HTTPS is included with certificates from LetsEncrypt. We deploy your projects following stringent DevSecOps principles to ensure robust security.

How can I set up continuous deployment on dradrop.site?
You can link GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket to your project on dragdrop.site. Commits pushed to your “deploy” branch are mirrored to our global CDNs.